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Treat them to Tastily!

Food is made to be shared. That’s why Tastily is the perfect gift for new parents who don’t have any time for themselves, the friend getting their kitchen renovated, part of a university freshers week survival kit, or simply ‘just because’.

How it works

Select the number of meals you’d like to gift.
You can then choose to receive the link from us or send it directly to your giftee for them to choose their meals and delivery date. Our chefs then get cooking and we deliver the meals to their door.

4 Meals


Choose Gift
6 Meals


Choose Gift
8 Meals


Choose Gift
10 Meals


Choose Gift

You have selected 8 meal gift box.

Step 2: Your details

Enter the recipients details below, and let us know if you want us to send them an email or if you want the email to go to yourself.

Step 3: Payment Details

Gift Box - 8 meals

Total: £50
I agree to your terms and conditions.