Tastily x Chefs in Schools

Since launching, we’ve been on a mission to ignite our passion for food into every home in the UK. In our kitchen we see the energy that our chefs bring and their potential to inspire others.

Too many children are missing out on a healthy relationship with food through a lack of exposure to cooking early in their lives. We want the growth of Tastily to fuel a new generation of food lovers. That’s why we’re proud to have teamed up with Chefs in Schools. Their mission is to ‘‘improve the health of children through better eating and food education and inspire schools to believe that better is possible.’’ 

Every Tastily box ordered funds the ingredients for a child’s cookery course with Chefs in Schools. That’s something to be proud of as you are tucking into a delicious Tastily dinner!

The partnership has been created with the goal of inspiring children about the benefits of cooking from scratch as we are both passionate about young people growing up with an understanding of where their ingredients come from, and the makings of a tasty well-balanced meal.

’Chefs are our heroes and children are the next generation of food lovers, so to be able to work with Chefs in Schools and bring the joy of food to children is something we are very proud to be part of.’’ - Will McDowell, Founder of Tastily

“We are delighted to be working with Tastily to further our ambition for all schools to provide excellent food and food education. By enjoying Tastily’s delicious meals, you are directly supporting a child to develop their cooking skills and passion for food. We believe that this is essential for children’s health both now and in the future.” Naomi Duncan, Chief Executive of Chefs in Schools

To date, Chefs in Schools has helped to place over 30 passionate chefs in primary and secondary schools across London, training up kitchen teams to produce delicious and nutritious food for children and staff.  They also support the chefs to become the main food educator at the school, teaching children about the joys of food and good cooking as part of the curriculum.


Partnering with Chefs in Schools means every purchase made with us will help fund food education, giving the next generation the ability to incorporate healthy and tasty food as part of their lifestyle. 

Photographer: Jim Stephenson

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