29th June 2022

Eating for one made easy!

Quick and easy meals for one.
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Eating alone is more common than you may think. Around 33% of UK adults eat meals by themselves, so you're definitely not alone. Dining solo has shown to increase the chance of poorer nutrition, as there can be less motivation to make 'good' food everyday. Because, let's be honest, cooking for another person is more enjoyable than cooking a meal for one. 

Dinner and lunch ideas for one

That's where we come in. We've got over 25 easy tried and tested meals for one that you'll love, and you can eat daily because they're healthy. Here are some of our customers' favourite recipes.

Beef Brisket Massaman
Tender Pulled Beef in a rich Thai Massaman Sauce with peanuts, potatoes and beans served with wild rice.

Regular: 495kcals, 29g protein
Large: 668kcals, 40g protein

Peri-Peri Halloumi
We chargrill sliced halloumi and coat in a peri-peri inspired sauce of red pepper and chili with a rich braised paprika. Served with pepper rice, minty green beans, and peas with a smoky corn on the cob.

Regular: 549kcals, 26g protein
Large: 713kcals, 34g protein

Miso Glazed Salmon

Roasted Salmon with a miso glaze, served on a bed of sushi rice and goma ae vegetables

Regular: 464kcals, 27g protein
Large: 762kcals, 34g protein

Jerk Chicken

Our chicken is marinated overnight in ginger, garlic, scotch bonnet, thyme, allspice and lime and then roasted on high to give it a good char. We serve with coconut rice and peas and roasted red onion, sweet potato, pineapple and plantain.

Regular: 437kcals, 33g protein
Large: 584kcals, 44g protein

Fish & Chips
A twist on the great British Fish & Chips! Served with buttery mushy peas mixed with spinach and mint. Served with chunky chips, malt vinegar sea salt, tart tartare sauce, and a tangy tomato compote.

Regular: 438kcals, 34g protein

Large: 578kcals, 43g protein

If cooking for one every night isn't up your street, then our chef-made meals are the perfect solution. They're ready in just 3 minutes and are fresh, not frozen. Delicious food shouldn't be kept for Friday nights, BBQ Saturdays or slow cooked Sundays. That's why our chefs make sure that our each meal is as tasty as it is healthy.

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Sources: ViceMintel

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