7th June 2021

The inspiration behind our Tastily dishes

At Tastily we are here to provide you with exciting meals that are delicious and equally healthy. Our Tastily dishes are created by Michelin-trained chefs. Our Head Chef, Steve Bailey, has worked at some of the world’s best kitchens, including five-star luxury country hotel Cliveden House, and for exclusive events catering business Alison Price & Company.


I sat down with Steve and had a chat about the process of coming up with new Tastily dishes and what inspires him as our head chef. 


Where do you get your inspiration from to create a wide range of different meals?


I’ve got a lot of inspiration from my experiences whilst travelling and working internationally. I’ve tried a vast range of different cuisines and flavours from all around the world and then had an instant feeling of inspiration when enjoying the food. Chefs develop a lot of their meals from first-hand experiences. Creating something new that is your own, from something you have tried elsewhere is all in the fun of being a chef.


Social media also plays a big part. There are so many different trends on Instagram, so it's good to check in and see what's new. Magazines like chef mag and different websites just to keep up to date with any industry news, new styles of cooking, or food that's trending. And of course networking with other chefs and my team, talking about food and what inspires them.


Where do you source your ingredients from


Our Tastily dishes are clean labelled, meaning we only use ingredients that are as unprocessed as possible. 


We also buy British - actually, we recently bought British quinoa! Buying locally is important to me in my cooking because it's great to be giving back to local farmers, and as a country, we have tighter controls so you know that the quality of the produce is going to be better.


What sort of guidelines do you follow to ensure the meals are nutritionally balanced. 

When designing our meals I look at the sodium, fat, carbs, and then we follow the criteria we have to meet. All our meals contain 2-3 types of vegetables as well as a source of protein and carbs. When creating our ‘fake-away’ type dishes that would normally be unhealthy, we make sure we meet our veggie criteria by adding them into the sauces - not only is this healthier but means they are packed with flavour!


All Tastily meals are fresh and not frozen. Why is that?


My life would be a lot easier if we made frozen meals, but we decided to go down the fresh route because the quality is undoubtedly better.  Cooking with all fresh ingredients that only need to be heated up in the microwave for 3 minutes, means the meals keep their nutritional value as well as taste and textures.  As a chef, I want to be proud of the food I send out, so having fresh meals is really important to me and my team.


Finally, what is your favourite dish? 

One of the originals - the Morrocan Lamb Tagine.

Written by Ieshia

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