16th June 2022

What you need to know about ready meals

Are ready meals healthy?
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Supermarket ready meals mean no more spending hours cooking and cleaning up. Just a few minutes in the microwave - and viola! But are they healthy? Here's the catch. Ready meals are often quite unhealthy due to being high in fat, salt and calories. They also leave your tastebuds feeling unsatisfied. When was the last time you picked up a ready meal because you were looking for a delicious meal? Most likely never.

A study by Which? found that 9 in 10 supermarket meals contain more than the suggested daily limit for salt for an adult – most of it hidden away. Despite this, a survey by the Food Standards Agency found that almost half of us eat ready meals at least once a week, with one third eating them two or more times a week. The National Diet and Nutrition Survey found that on average 15% of men's daily energy intake came from convenience foods, along with 13% of women's. 

It’s clear that pre-made meals are a staple in some people’s diet. So why are we still seeing unhealthy ready meals on supermarket shelves? We created a solution that is convenient, healthy and delicious, you really can have it all.

Are all ready meals bad for you?

The short answer is no. We decided to do something different to what you’ll find at your local supermarket. At Tastily, we create high quality pre-made meals that are a triple threat, nailing flavour, nutrition and convenience. 

Our Michelin star trained chefs avoid the extra salt and fat that traditional ready meals fall back on. Instead, they use a variety of fresh ingredients, herbs and spices to get maximum flavour whilst ensuring our meals are healthy. You’ll always find at least 2 servings of veg in all of our dishes, meaning you can enjoy our meals daily knowing you’re getting everything your body needs.

We have set calorie boundaries for our regular (450 - 550kcals) and large (650 - 750kcals) portion sizes, so you know exactly what you’re getting when you order from us. 


Our nutritionals summarised: 

Regular portions: 450 - 550 kcals 
Large portions: 650 - 750 kcals
At least 2 servings of veg in every meal
Average 30g protein per meal 
Between 1-3g salt per meal (around 30% of your daily allowance)


Our meals are ready in just 3 minutes. They’re fresh, not frozen. Meaning the veg keeps its crunch and the meat stays tender - just how you’d want it!

If you’re ready to give our pre-made meals a go, you can use the code BLOG20 to get 20% off your first order. Start your order below.

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Written by Emily

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