15th April 2021

Upgrading your midweek meals with Tastily!

We’ve all been there on a late Wednesday afternoon, mentally planning the evening ahead. A few hours pass, hungry but not sure what you fancy? Want something fresh and homemade but haven’t got the time? Or not sure where to start…It normally ends with beans on toast for dinner or ordering in for the second time that week, leaving your wallet and taste buds feeling pretty unsatisfied. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these options every now and again, but midweek meals don’t need to be dull!

It would all be so simple if you had your own personal chef, right? Healthy, fresh, chef-made meals - how convenient! Well, it can be that easy. At Tastily, we offer a convenient pre-made meal subscription service with an impressive menu inspired by cuisine from around the world, designed by our Michelin-starred trained chefs. 

We believe that quick-fix midweek meals do not have to be boring, nor should you have to wait till the weekend to indulge in your favorite Pad Thai dish - yes we have that on our menu!

With Tastily, you’ll never have to fear midweek meals again. We are here to provide you with exciting meals that are delicious and equally healthy. Your dinner times will be quick and easy, giving you your evenings back. Especially now as the warmer weather is on its way and the pub gardens are calling...

You can order between 4-14  meals a week, which you select from a rotating menu of 32 dishes, covering a range of plant-based, red meat, white meat, and fish options, as well as gluten-free, lactose-free, high-protein, and low-carb choices. Tastily is proud of its commitment to helping the UK eat healthier: each meal contains at least three servings of veggies, and there are no artificial ingredients, additives, preservatives, or refined sugars in any of our meals.

Give it a go and try Tastily!

Written by Ieshia

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