5th August 2021

Our rebrand: why we decided to

As some of you have probably noticed, we have had a pretty tasty rebrand! From new bespoke artwork on our packaging to a more grown-up logo, a sleek website, and even more delicious dishes to choose from, the team at Tastily HQ has been working hard together to make the new vision come to life.


Why A Rebrand?


Initially, we didn't set about doing a full rebrand, we were just planning on making a few amends to our existing website following feedback from our customers and insights from our analytics tools.  It was only when the process began that we realised how many improvements could be made to the customer journey, user interface, and overall tone of voice so the decision was made to go all in. 


Every decision we made was to improve our new customers' experience when signing up and enhancing the quality of our service to current customers. This was a full team effort, with every member getting involved across the entire creative process.  It was a challenge with more hurdles than we could have imagined, but seeing the outcome and receiving so much positive feedback from our customers made it all worth it!

Bringing our creative ideas to life


Designing the packaging and logo were the fun part! We partnered up with Graphic Designer Carrie (carrie@studioat31.com), who has previously worked with household brands such as Tilda, Haagen Daz, Heinz, Vaseline - just to name a few. Deciding on a new logo was a real process. The challenge was creating something that represented our foodie nature and hand-crafted, quality food. After many different versions (and a potential name change!), we finally decided on a logo that did all that. 


Working on the new packaging artwork was the part we were all the most excited about. We wanted our new meal sleeves to be bold and really stand out from anything else on the market, and look amazing stacked up in our customers’ fridges. It was decided that each of our meal categories (white meat, red meat, plant-based, fish) would have their own bespoke artwork to show the variety and richness in flavour of each meal, complete with the chef’s signature who crafted each dish. 

Upgrading our website

It was time to give our website a little facelift by incorporating our new brand assets and enhancing the customer journey. Our ultimate goal was to ensure that when a customer left our site, that they’d had a great experience and we're excited to receive their first Tastily order. We studied our old website, looked at insights from user journeys, and took note of any customer feedback we received. Then, after a few meetings (too many to count) chopping, changing, and testing - we have our brand new site. 

We love to hear from our customers and what they think of our new look. Please let us know your thoughts, take a snap of our meals or packaging and tag us on socials, or feel free to drop a message in our DMs.

Written by Emily Shane

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